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Taking care of your purchase


All of our hardware has been treated to prevent tarnishing and should not need polishing. Small marks can be buffed away with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid keeping your bag in a stuffy place or using metal polishes, harsh cleaners or perfumes on the hardware as this could remove the lacquer and discolour the hardware or mark the surrounding leather.



There are a few basic ways to keep your leather bag looking its best.

  • Always treat it with a waterproof leather spray prior to use. Spray leather lightly and from a distance.

  • Avoid getting your handbag wet – although this may seem inevitable, getting your leather bag drenched in a rainstorm will not do anything for the leather. If your bag gets caught in a rainstorm or dropped in a puddle, remove the bag’s contents and pack it with absorbent paper. Always allow leather to dry naturally – never use radiators.

  • Use a leather cream to moisturize or a refurbishment cream to take away any scratches. Leathers which have a glaze may react with creams. It’s best to ask at the store which cream is suitable for the leather and your bag.

  • Over packing can stretch the leather and the handles and put a strain on the stitching or the zips. Take care that sharp objects do not come into contact with the leather.

  • Do not let your handbag dehydrate or get too dirty. Dehydration and dirt build can cause creases and even cracks and leather fading. To avoid this, regularly wipe the leather with a soft damp cloth and use an appropriate cream (check with your nearest store) to preserve the suppleness of the leather. Wherever it is stored, regularly take it out and air it to ensure that the leather does not become dehydrated.

  • Own more than one MARC ELLA handbag – and rotate them. Just like a good pair of shoes, your bag needs a rest from duty. Clean and pack it loosely with acid-free tissue paper. Put it in its cotton dust bag (never store leather in plastic) and store in a dry place away from bright sunlight. Some leathers may develop a white ‘bloom’ when unused for a long time. These are natural waxes and oils in the leather surfacing. If that happens, polish with a dry cloth. 

  • Give it a leather spa. We recommend Lovinmybags products and spa experiences for our bags. If you send them a picture of the leather, they will advise you on the best products to use. 




In case you need your bag repaired due to wear and tear, please contact our customer angels at and they will be happy to help. The cost for the repair depends on what needs to be done and you will be informed about the cost prior to the repair. If your MARC ELLA LONDON purchase is faulty because of a manufacturing fault, we will be happy to repair it for you free of charge.

Whilst our leather handbags and luxury accessories are made to a high quality finish we cannot accept responsibility for ordinary wear and tear

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